Elavil (amitriptyline) 10 mg

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Brand names. Elavil. Endep. Vanatrip. Brand names of combination products. Duo-Vil - containing Amitriptyline .
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  • " My husband is 30 and on this med for bipolar. He has lost all sexual desire and is emotionally detached. Knowing the cause of her med it stopped for a short period of time and the side effects went away. When he returned it, they came immediately. Hate this medication. "
  • -- Janel Q.

  • " I am taking Amitriptylinein jointly with Ambien. It to sleep, staying asleep of the former. Amitriptlyne is effective in keeping me sleep, but I did not wake up feeling refreshed known for years. This is perhaps because of my is bipolar. If I take 2 tablets 50mg hallucinations and I see an in black lace print on any surface. This is very disorienting. I recently skipped my Ambien to see if I could get and stay asleep with just the Amitriptylune and not only I do not go to sleep, but had a headache. "
  • -- Benito U.

  • " I took about 2 months elavil for pain management. Initially I took half of my 25 mg for 3-4 weeks. Then I UPED at the full dose by taking my doctors advice. I was fine until no later than 2 months, I started to noticed any side effects. Palpitations, rapid heartbeat, anxiety and appearance. I 'm half Weening now. And intention to get off it 1-2 weeks from now. etc.really helps pain, but the side effects for me are not good booo "
  • -- Ilona D.

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